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                  Accurate diagnosis. The app encouraged me to visit my doctor before it was too late. Thanks so much!

                  This app is amazing. 100% accurate all three times I used it.

                  Great answers and results. I'd like to be able to find symptoms more easily, but you've done a great job.

                  Very easy to do and accurate.

                  You were spot-on!

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                  Symptomate AI uses our doctors' knowledge, scientific literature, and statistical data that we obtain by analyzing thousands of actual patient cases.

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                  Developed by Infermedica, Symptomate is available as a standalone product called the Symptom Checker. The app is easy to integrate, customize and its ready to use globally (13 supported languages).

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                  72% of internet users look for health information online
                  Source: Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project, Health Online, 2013
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