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                  Smart Design Matters

                  What's Happening at NRG

                  January 3, 2020  |  Blog


                  Read on for an overview of the latest software releases for the SymphoniePRO Data Logger, SymphoniePRO Desktop Application (SPD), which is now at version 3.8.1.

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                  November 12, 2019  |  News

                  Vestas Partners with NRG Systems to Resell Bat Deterrent Technology

                  The company will offer pioneering Bat Deterrent System as a service upgrade to customers in the USA and Canada now with other countries to follow.

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                  October 17, 2019  |  Blog

                  Anemometer Calibrations and the New NRG S1

                  With the introduction of the NRG S1 Anemometer in August 2019, NRG Systems conducted a round-robin S1 calibration study. The intent of the study was to quantify in a transparent way the differences in calibration results that NRG customers should expect from the three industry-leading wind tunnels that provide calibrations for NRG anemometers.

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